Saturday, December 04, 2004

So, I've been hysterically busy lately and not much news to note.
It's funny, once you've officially decided to leave freelancing and got yourself a steady job, the phone starts ringing...

In one month I've gotten 3 job offers and a series of requests for short small gigs... Go figure :) It's nice some ppl like what I have to offer though.

On that note I'll post a link to A very flexible all css layout that I've managed to get together. It works in IE 6, FF on PC and Safari on Mac. IE on Mac is a no go, Opera is so so but on the whole I like it, a lot.
Take a look, perhaps you might pick up something useful, who knows :)

Friday, October 29, 2004

How cool is this!
Not only did I recently manage to get a swedish client #1 on Google with his commercial webshop under the exact terms he wanted... :)

Now this...
The DAO VO Generator I built has really hit home with google...
It's not only featured at my main site, it's available as a utility at as well, and look and behold.
Today 2004-10-29 it holds the 4 top spots in google when you search for 'dao vo generator'... Wow...
Google Search: dao vo generator
With that response I've bundled it and released it under LGPL.

You can find it here:

It's been a good week so far :)

Monday, October 11, 2004

Just back from a poker tournament.
At my new job at where we amongst other things develop & maintain , one of the top 6 online poker sites in the world the management decided to kickstart the internal poker interest.

Said & done, they started "clash of the staff", an internal Texas Hold 'em poker 2 day tournament with a first prize that was pretty amazing...
An all paid ticket to Vegas for the WSOP 2005!
Almost forgot, it included the $10.000 buyin as well...

We were 93 entered with the buyin at $1.000, the first day was played online until 40 remained, the next set was live with dealers and everything.

After the first day I was in 9'th place with $3.450 in chips, unfortunately it all went downhill from there as we went live :(
I ended up somewhere around 30'th place after a serious streak of bad pocket cards, rotten flops, worse rivers and players that folded every time I had a hand worth playing... grrr!

On the other hand, in June I didn't know Texas Holdem from a burrito... so I guess I'll be back for the next one.

Yup, one more chance is coming up this spring :) The company is sending 2 of us to WSOP 2005 :)
How cool is it to work at a place where poker at work is encouraged :)


Friday, September 10, 2004

It's live!
Probably not a big thing for you, but it's sort of a biggie for me. The DAO VO Generator is finally alive and released for public use. Please pop over and give it a try, it now contains a mini tutorial, plus it ties in very well as the last step of three with the other two tutorials on PHP MySQL I've written for the gurusnetwork. The first one covered the creation of a miniature database driven site with an admin interface, this focused on procedural coding. The second one built on the first and converted the procedural code to OOP. This last one gives you the foundation to accomplish the same ting by using a basic design pattern. :) I'm pleased, will you be? Test it...
Main Page: Utilities: The Gurus Network

Sunday, September 05, 2004

So, I've gotten some help from a guy over at the gurusnetwork to work out some of the regexp problems I've had with the generator. Now it works a lot better, in specific, now it handles both `' and nothing around the table- and fieldnames in the sql statement.

DmS DAO & VO DB-access Generator: Utilities: The Gurus Network

Thursday, September 02, 2004

This site searches the web for copies of the spage you enter the url for. I did a search on a tutorial I wrote and found it word by word in a forum...
Impressive to say the least, I'll play more with this to be sure.

For now, try it out yourself ;)

Copyscape - Website Plagiarism Search - Web Content Copyright Infringement Protection


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Today I'm getting really close to the final release of a PHP Code generator.

The tool generates all code needed to connect to and work with a MySQL database. It does this from the actual sql script that generates the database.
This means that you can with two clicks generate a database in mysql and get all the OOP code you need to work with it. :)

Yup, OOP... The generated code is based on the DAO & VO/TO patterns. Enough said here, you can follow the release discussion here: Guru Gab - Not a tutorial, a brand new utility in that thread there are links to the actual tool as well.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I just got offered a steady job!
Yup, after 2.5 years of "non-chosen" self-employment & freelancing the place where I'm currently contracted said yes to my question if they would be interested of having me full time!

This means a steady paycheck, paid vacation and all the regular things, basically, i can now plan my life for me & the family again :)

As it's signed I'll post more deatils-

Monday, August 23, 2004

So, I went and got myself a blog...
Yup, I thought I'd just as well might have a little place of my own to post general ramblings and other mumbojumbo that I's like to get off my chest.

I do have a regular website of course, that is more geared towards my development of a CMS in PHP/MySql. That's also a place where I publish small toys that I make. The latest one is a code generator.

You probably know of OOP, Object Oriented Programming.
Well, I've gotten into that lately, and one thing I want to use basically all the time is a representation of the database as objects in my code. I want to use DAO or Data Access Objects.

I'm also lazy, so I don't want to be hacking the same code over and over again so I decided to create a little tool that creates the code for me.

Take a look here: and give it a whirl, who knows, you just might like it ;)