Saturday, August 28, 2004

Today I'm getting really close to the final release of a PHP Code generator.

The tool generates all code needed to connect to and work with a MySQL database. It does this from the actual sql script that generates the database.
This means that you can with two clicks generate a database in mysql and get all the OOP code you need to work with it. :)

Yup, OOP... The generated code is based on the DAO & VO/TO patterns. Enough said here, you can follow the release discussion here: Guru Gab - Not a tutorial, a brand new utility in that thread there are links to the actual tool as well.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I just got offered a steady job!
Yup, after 2.5 years of "non-chosen" self-employment & freelancing the place where I'm currently contracted said yes to my question if they would be interested of having me full time!

This means a steady paycheck, paid vacation and all the regular things, basically, i can now plan my life for me & the family again :)

As it's signed I'll post more deatils-

Monday, August 23, 2004

So, I went and got myself a blog...
Yup, I thought I'd just as well might have a little place of my own to post general ramblings and other mumbojumbo that I's like to get off my chest.

I do have a regular website of course, that is more geared towards my development of a CMS in PHP/MySql. That's also a place where I publish small toys that I make. The latest one is a code generator.

You probably know of OOP, Object Oriented Programming.
Well, I've gotten into that lately, and one thing I want to use basically all the time is a representation of the database as objects in my code. I want to use DAO or Data Access Objects.

I'm also lazy, so I don't want to be hacking the same code over and over again so I decided to create a little tool that creates the code for me.

Take a look here: and give it a whirl, who knows, you just might like it ;)