Friday, October 29, 2004

How cool is this!
Not only did I recently manage to get a swedish client #1 on Google with his commercial webshop under the exact terms he wanted... :)

Now this...
The DAO VO Generator I built has really hit home with google...
It's not only featured at my main site, it's available as a utility at as well, and look and behold.
Today 2004-10-29 it holds the 4 top spots in google when you search for 'dao vo generator'... Wow...
Google Search: dao vo generator
With that response I've bundled it and released it under LGPL.

You can find it here:

It's been a good week so far :)

Monday, October 11, 2004

Just back from a poker tournament.
At my new job at where we amongst other things develop & maintain , one of the top 6 online poker sites in the world the management decided to kickstart the internal poker interest.

Said & done, they started "clash of the staff", an internal Texas Hold 'em poker 2 day tournament with a first prize that was pretty amazing...
An all paid ticket to Vegas for the WSOP 2005!
Almost forgot, it included the $10.000 buyin as well...

We were 93 entered with the buyin at $1.000, the first day was played online until 40 remained, the next set was live with dealers and everything.

After the first day I was in 9'th place with $3.450 in chips, unfortunately it all went downhill from there as we went live :(
I ended up somewhere around 30'th place after a serious streak of bad pocket cards, rotten flops, worse rivers and players that folded every time I had a hand worth playing... grrr!

On the other hand, in June I didn't know Texas Holdem from a burrito... so I guess I'll be back for the next one.

Yup, one more chance is coming up this spring :) The company is sending 2 of us to WSOP 2005 :)
How cool is it to work at a place where poker at work is encouraged :)