Friday, August 03, 2007

Personal review of

Here I'll give you a small overview of what I believe places PokerRoom above other online poker sites today.

Every online poker site offer poker and free online poker both as cash games and tournaments. Naturally so does PokerRoom.

However, I believe that PokerRoom offers more than just online poker, one of the largest poker communities "Pokah" today resides in PokerRoom, there is a poker school with live calculated EV-Stats tables and much more.

But what really puts PokerRoom apart from other online poker sites is that they really work to be innovative! They where amongst the first to offer cross platform poker through their stylish Java based webclient.

Now PokerRoom is alone on the market with a concept called Team Play where you create a team and play in dedicated special Team Play Tournaments. Given some time this can be huge!

There is also true mobile poker where you play real online poker on your cell phone, the selection of opponents are the same as on the regular poker tables.

There is of course a lot of poker tournaments available, both scheduled and sit & go's.

The cash games is always available and caters to a wide selection of different tastes in limits, NL/FL/PL, Omaha, Stud and more.

A newsroom telling you what's new in poker and on PokerRoom.

A lot of challanges and poker bonus'es can be found, for example become a poker pro through Team PokerRoom.

PokerRoom also runs a poker blog holding poker movies as well as normal blogging material.

Basically, Yes I really like PokerRoom and I strongly suggest you give a good checkout to see what one of the premier online poker sites is really about.