Monday, August 23, 2004

So, I went and got myself a blog...
Yup, I thought I'd just as well might have a little place of my own to post general ramblings and other mumbojumbo that I's like to get off my chest.

I do have a regular website of course, that is more geared towards my development of a CMS in PHP/MySql. That's also a place where I publish small toys that I make. The latest one is a code generator.

You probably know of OOP, Object Oriented Programming.
Well, I've gotten into that lately, and one thing I want to use basically all the time is a representation of the database as objects in my code. I want to use DAO or Data Access Objects.

I'm also lazy, so I don't want to be hacking the same code over and over again so I decided to create a little tool that creates the code for me.

Take a look here: and give it a whirl, who knows, you just might like it ;)


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