Saturday, July 23, 2005

Finally the server is back up...
My friend Rob who is gratiously hosting has totally rebuilt the server after some critical parts blew up and now it's up and running again :)
Super thanx!

So what's up now?
I'm just back from a 4 week vacation, it was superb!
Then as I got home my 80Gb hd blew up... it just clicks and cannot be found anymore :(
That's all the mails from 2001 and forward... Documents and more...
Luckily ALL my digital photos & webcode are safely stored on another computer...

Bummer, I'll tell you that!
Now I'm off to shop for 2 new big drives and a raid controller to mirror ALL data from now and onwards, never again will this happen to me! (I hope...)
'til the next time, Cheers

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